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Wanted - Voters Who Want to Increase the Income and Standard of Living For Residents and Small Businesses in Their Community - 1/10/20 Update

You and I with a Few Others Can Create Prosperity in Your Community - Only 3 Changes Are Needed

Here are the 3 needed changes you and I can implement for your town:

FIRST. We can enact a law, directly, by voters themselves (in what is known as a ballot initiative), to have the community provide FREE, fast broadband services to all residents and small businesses in the community (which in NYS has to be one of the 62 "cities" listed in my website, option entitled "62 NYS Cities & Size") or in Suffolk County (which has a separate ballot-initiative law).

Free, fast broadband is necessary for children, parents, students, small businesses and others to enable them to learn as much as possible without unnecessary delays (which unduly limits the learning process), and to compete effectively, among other ways in which fast broadband is useful.

SECOND. Through direct action of voters, we can have a 500-hour, 1-year course of instruction made available to high-school seniors and a corresponding program for adults (including any high school students not provided the training in high school for any reason) which will qualify the student to become the Assistant to the Owner of a Small Business, with compensation of $35 to $300 per hour, anywhere in the U.S., without licensing, from 10,000,000 of the nation's 27.5 million small businesses.

The effect nationwide, as explained in my website, option entitled "$35 to $300/Hr. Jobs" (last part of page), would be substantially more than $1 Trillion per year. An obviously outdated (2013) curriculum for the 500-hour course is published at the same website, option entitled "Assistant Curriculum (2013, pdf)".

This 500-hour, 1-year program would enable high school graduates and their parents to obtain jobs paying $35 to $300 per hour ($1,225 to $10,500 per week being the Assistant to the Owner of a Small Business or professional firm - with the course open only to residents and small businesspersons in the comunity (bounded by a single ZIP Code in the smaller cities).

This would be an option to train for immediate, high-paying employment rather than to go to college (which leaves too many with no skills, no jobs and a lifetime of debt). The training program should not be open to non-residents because of the added costs and dilution of value to the community, and the need to encourage the excluded towns to adopt similar reforms by demand of their voters. This training program would give the town a competitive advantage over all other towns in the U.S., and these other towns should set up their own programs and make them better and more competitive, ideally. [Note: a town could become the Education Capital of the World if it made the program available to non-residents and foreign students. See my proposal for Atlantic City, at, which website elicited absolutely no interest from the local union, government, colleges, or press.]

By having the training open only to residents, the town will have greater prosperity, land values will rise to higher levels, and other parts of the country will have to do the same thing to compete, which is what the country needs to be able to escape from the present economic imprisonment of the U.S. economy. Keep it exclusive to the town. For example, you wouldn't want to share the following program with towns throughout the U.S.: "Bringing Manufacturing and Jobs Back into Your Area", a program designed to make the selected town a Little Silicon Valley and create new manufacturing and agricultural jobs.

This 4th year of high school should be free to students and eliminate the need to attend a high-cost college or university such as NYU, for example, which charges about $70/hour or 18 times more than the $4/hour per student cost of this training program).

THIRD: FREE, unlimited advertising by each resident and small business in a Community Website advertised in a 75-mile radius through low-cost radio advertising paid by the Community. The community might consider buying or otherwise acquiring a radio station for this purpose if it is unable to obtain appropriate low advertising rates.

The low-cost radio advertising will bring in revenues from the 75-mile radius, but the website itself would be included in Google, Bing and other searches, so that revenues would come in from all over the world. What type of ads are we talking about?

The answer? Everything.

I can see one ad for each repairable part of an automobile (carburetor, motor1, motor2, generator, radio, etc.), multiplied by the make and model of each car, multiplied by the number of years that make of car was in existence. Then look at trucks, then electric lawnmowers, then look at each item in a retail store, then consider what type of services you may want to provide, and write a specific ad for variations of the service (because a specific ad is more apt to be found and reported back by a search engine than a general ad). In other words, instead of saying "labor available" say "labor to remove old shingles" or "labor to remove stones from yard".

How about listing everything in your home and garage and get rid of almost anything you have if the price is right? This obviously could create jobs locally for consultants who could be hired to do this work for you.

The Community would need consultants (in a sense the new-era employment agency counselors) to help residents and small businesses determine what ads to run, prepare and input the ads, manage the ads, monitor and interpret the results, and make appropriate changes, and keep the ads current or delete ads no longer wanted.

Estimate of the Revenue Effect upon the Community

I will assume that the above 3 reforms are implemented in a town with 5,000 residents and 400 small businesses. Also, I assume that 1,250 of the residents will use the website to produce additional income for such persons (and their families).

Also, I will assume that each of the 1,250 residents will obtain an additional $40,000 in annual gross income (for an annual total of $50,000,000) and that each of the 400 small businesses will obtain an additional $150,000 in annual gross income (for an annual total of $60,000,000).

The combined additional annual gross income for the Community would be $110,000,000, which is a lot of money for the overall Community.

This community advertised website with free unlimited advertising is the way a community should deal with the growing problem of unemployment, underemployment, and the necessity of holding 2 or 3 jobs to pay the bills.

It seems clear to me that "employment" as we know it in the U.S. is similar to buggy whips, meaning that "employment" is on the decline. What is going to take its place? We see that there is a steady increase of unemployment, even with the admitted cheating and false statistics being published by the U.S. Department of Labor periodically. Major corporations have found that it is more profitable for them to hire in foreign countries ("outsourcing" or "globalization") and as part of that movement the major corporations are moving jobs to other countries and are cutting back on benefits for the remaining U.S. jobs, and many jobs are being eliminated through data processing. There is a theory that at some point there will be no need for jobs and that a fully automated economy will merely have to decide how to allocate the food and products created through automation, without need of any human labor.

But until this takes place, if at all, I have created a way in which to counteract the loss of "jobs" and "employment" in the U.S. My solution is for everyone interested in making money through their own efforts to offer their goods and services instead of as "jobs wanted" or "employment wanted" opportunities.

Here is a question for you to answer: True or false, that a rising economy is good for the average resident of your town. The answer is FALSE. A rising economy is determined by the major media in reference to the stock market, and as the stock market rises, it generally means that major corporations are becoming more profitable, so that the price of their stock rises, but this means that the U.S. is losing more jobs and U.S. residents are earning less and are suffering from a further reduction in their standard of living and economic expectations. Thus, as the rich get richer, they are taking it from someone, AND THAT SOMEONE IS YOU!

As many voters and other observers realize, the difference between the two main candidates for public office is minimal, and intended to be so, apparently to be able to solicit financial support from the same potential contributors. These contributors, by financing opposing candidates from the two major parties, have been able to force the candidates not presently in office to reduce their issues to meaningless nonsense, which in turn often costs them the election. The voting public sees no difference and doesn't care who wins. The public has come to realize that the candidate from either of the two main parties would, if elected, make very little difference in the lives of the voters, and that elections are held only to determine which party gets to rob the national bank and the voting public for the next few years.

I have learned from my experience during the past 50+ years that the nation's towns and villages need to join together to offset the destructive economic policies of the U.S. government that are devastating to most individuals and small businesses in the United States. These economic policies are stealing from individuals and small businesses, and turning the proceeds of this ultra grand theft to the major corporations throughout the world, whether they are "American" corporations or are not.

The problem is that the larger a corporation gets, the less "American" it becomes, and that being "American" is not possible if their only goal is to maximize their profits. Sharing any of their wealth with American workers and citizens is no longer required or desirable because the corporations have taken over control of the U.S. government and have converted its concern and direction to providing greater and greater profits for world-class corporations. The nation's towns and villages can and should do something to protect their residents and small businesses, which is what this website is all about.

Prepared by attorney Carl E. Person. For his c.v. or resume, click on Carl E. Person C.V.

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