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This election-issues website is one of about 100 or so websites by attorney Carl E. Person. He is a graduate of Harvard Law School and has more than 50 years of litigation experience, primarily in antitrust, commercial and civil rights cases and more recently in opposing judicial and non-judicial mortgage foreclosures.

The websites of greatest interest to users of this elections-issues website should be:

(i) Attorney Person's website about using a "town attorney general" to represent a small town or village and its residents and small businesses against the numerous and continuing violations of law by major corporations that are illegally taking away the jobs, property values, and standard of living from residents, and illegally putting local small businesses out of business. See Town Attorney General Website

(ii)How to set up a TUITION-FREE (FREE-BOOKS, FREE-REMEDIAL COURSE) Equivalency College in your community or area, discussed in this website - see left vertical banner; (iii) Also see how every desiring individual with services to offer can make tens of thousands of dollars or more each year by offering FOR FREE AND FOREVER hundreds or thousands of key-word ads (such as "repair carburetors", "mow lawns", "tutor quantum mechanics", "financial reporting assistance for political office candidates in New York State or California", "assemble IKEA furniture", "assemble IKEA desk model D-9826YVB". I am trying to get a community interested in helping me list at least 40% of the town residents on the website so I can advertise the website in the area using low-cost radio, television, cable and newspaper advertising. Imagine if elected officials in your town undertook to bring in income to you and the town's other residents instead of bringing in more Wal-Marts that will kill off economic opportunity in the town.

(iv) My ebook [no-longer-in progress] entitled "Dropping Out", available at eBook Dropping Out by Carl E. Person

(v) Attorney Person's website on the Robinson-Patman Act, a federal antitrust statute prohibiting price discrimination in the form of discriminatory rebates or other discriminatory payments or benefits to major retailer chains, with resulting higher prices to smaller competitors Carl Person's Robinson-Patman Act Website

All communications will receive a response from Mr. Person, as well as a request by him to get your help in having a town attorney general appointed by your town, village, county or other municipal government and in trying to get the other issues in this website presented to the officials, voters and small businesses in your town, such as bringing in the FREE AND FOREVER opportunity for residents of your town to sell their services as "tasks" to the surrounding area, the whole U.S. and/or to the world.

Attorney Carl E. Person may be reached at his cell telephone number 917-453-9376 or by mail to Carl E. Person, 225 E. 36th Street - Suite 3A, New York, NY 10016-3664, or by email to him at

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