Creating Prosperity in a ZIP Code

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  1. The Best 4 and Other Ways to Help Residents and Small Businesses in Your Town

  2. Change the 4th Year of High School so Graduates Can Earn $1,000 to $2,500/week upon Graduation -- with Adult Education - for Residents Only

  3. Town, Village, County Creates Non-Profit Employer of Record for ALL Employees of Local Businesses and Households.

  4. Appoint a Town Attorney General to Enforce the RIGHTS of Residents, Homeowners and Small Businesses.

  5. $$??,000's in Extra Income for Each Desiring Resident of Your Town by Offering/Selling "Tasks" to the surrounding area and world.

  6. Providing FREE Broadband Services to All Residents of a Municipality

  7. The 1st 3 Are Free - Eliminate All Regulation as to the First 3 Employees of Any Business

  8. Set up private, competing local "state banks" to make low-cost agricultural and business loans to residents

  9. Give 4-year real estate tax relief to troubled homeowners to help them obtain a loan modification agreement

  10. Renounce Town's Right to Condemn Private Property for Non-Governmental Development or Use.

  11. Convert Your Local Library into a "Country Club" for Residents.

  12. Enter into Sales-Tax Sharing Agreements with Nearby Towns to Reduce Town v. Town Competition for Big Box Stores.

  13. Require Wal-Mart and Other Major Retailers to Make Representations and Warranties before Obtaining New-Store Approvals

  14. Pay $1,000's Each Year to Each Resident as Partial Damages for Scams by Major Corporations.

  15. Create a Town Office to Collect and Preserve Data on Financial Impact of New Local Big Boxes.

  16. Force Major Corporations to Pay Their Fair Share of Income Taxes by Local Enforcement Proceedings.

  17. Current Budgeting of All Present and Future Costs as to Current Criminal Prosecutions.

  18. Work to Obtain State or Other Approval for a Neighborhood Casino.

  19. Reduce Fines Levied on Residents, Local Businesses, Visitors and Motorists.

  20. Set Up Ebay/Half Service Center as Agency for Storage, Sale and Shipment of Used Goods by Residents and Local Businesses

  21. Donation of Resident's Unpaid Rebate Claims to the Town for Collection by Lawsuit - with Tax Deductions to Residents.

Developing Issues

  1. Adopt an Incentive Compensation for Governmental Officials and Employees to Bring Prosperity to a Town or Village

  2. Further Analysis of the Compensation Issue

  3. Consider Reinstating Limits on the Life of Corporations and Require Liquidation, and Distribution to Creditors and Shareholders, When Corporation Reaches a Certain Size

  4. Investigate the Cause of Damages Resulting from 9/11 and Identify the Persons Responsible

last updated: 12/21/12