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Current Budgeting of All Present and Future Costs as to Current Criminal Prosecutions

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Counties and the residents and small businesses of the counties, particularly, are getting shafted by excessive costs of criminal prosecutions, particularly as to past prosecutions as to which the current costs of incarceration are paid currently and affect current property tax rates and county and municipal budgets. Because criminal prosecution costs are moved into later years, there is much less outcry by taxpayers as to excessive criminal prosecutions and excessive sentencing, among other excesses of the criminal justice system. But if all present and anticipated future costs of present-day criminal prosecutions had to be paid out of current tax revenues, there would be a huge public demand to reduce criminal prosecutions and require prosecutors to work within a budget. This would require prosecutors to bring fewer lawsuits and to demand lesser sentences, and do so only as to the most deserving criminal cases, with the less deserving cases getting much less attention. In this way, the major prosecutorial abuse that I have seen taking place in this country, with too many people getting sent to jail (by plea agreements mainly) for excessive sentences, would be reduced dramatically, and the public would focus its attention on bringing civil lawsuits against major corporations to recover some of the money currently being stolen by such corporations from the public without any risk or fear of criminal prosecution. Only the weak get prosecuted with regularity; the rich generally are not targets of criminal prosecution except in very rare instances, when their conduct over a long period of time has been most outrageous and has wound up costing the American public many billions of dollars or more then the criminal prosecutors feel that it would be politically worthwhile to go after such persons, after they have been thrown out of the club and to the wolves of criminal prosecution. What a community can and should do to reduce its costs of criminal prosecution is to require full budgeting in the year of the prosecution. This will reduce excessive prosecutions, and wind up with fewer (poor) persons in jail, few persons being deprived of the right to vote, fewer families being broken up, fewer working lives being destroyed by criminal records, fewer families on welfare, fewer psychological problems for the accuseds and their families - and a much more productive work force and society. Truly, a great bargain for any town, village or county.

Email This Proposal to Gov't Officials, Chamber of Comm., Trade Assoc., Small Businesses, Other Interested Persons