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Carl E. Person
225 E. 36th St. Suite 3A
New York NY 10016-3664
Tel. No. - 212-307-4444
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The author of this website is attorney Carl E. Person, creator of the concept of the "town attorney general".

Office : 212-307-4444
Fax : 212-307-0247

Cell : 917-453-9376
Carl E. Person
225 E. 36th Street - Suite 3A

New York NY 10016-3664


Mr. Person will respond to all communications. Mr. Person has a series of about 100 websites many of them organized under the domain name This website is listed as the 7th of 16 websites or entries under the category Candidates, Elections, Ballot Initiatives, NYC/Town Attorney General, my most important group of websites. If this website interests you, you probably will find many of the 15 other listings of interest. Collectively these websites offer a way by which individuals, small businesses, homeowners, underemployeds, retirees, unemployeds, employees and others (my "Protected Group") can fight back for their rights. Click on Lawmall Home Page or Home Page for My Best Political Websites.

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