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Carl E. Person Announces His Candidacy for NYS Attorney General

On January 21, 2006, I obtained the required number of signatures to have my name added to the short list of candidates seeking the New York State Green Party's designation as its candidate for New York State Attorney General. I am going to work hard to try to obtain this party designation.

My campaign platform is different, as you can imagine, from what most candidates tend to offer. Candidates as well as their Parties tend to talk about what legislation or Constitutional amendments would be sought, if the candidate or party wins the election. I take a wholly different approach. I talk very little about what I want the state Legislature do enact or what Constitutional amendments the Legislature and People should create. Instead, I feature what I believe I can do WITHOUT ANY NEW STATUTES BEING ENACTED OR CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS BEING APPROVED. In this way, I can accomplish much more than others because I have my agenda or program under my control, and not under the control of a group of politicians with different masters to serve.

My election issues in my campaign to become the New York State Attorney General will soon be part of a new website in support of my candidacy, which I will post at [please note that NYS is capitalized for easier reading, the rest is lower case]. I have developed many sound programs that can be implemented by me as Attorney General, some of which are based on issues I've already developed in this website. But there are many new issues, more suitable to a State Attorney General than a town Attorney General, as you can see if you go to my new website.

In my new website, I'm going to be asking you for your help in promoting my candidacy and giving a needed airing and visibility to the individual parts of my political program. We can win by having many of the issues adopted by other candidates and achieve political victory and needed change even if voters do not vote for me in sufficient numbers to elect me as New York State Attorney General. As I see it, the most important thing about the election are the ideas for change and what it takes to implement them.

I'm looking for citizens and other residents who want to survive the economic upheaval being caused by globalization and major U.S. corporations that have been able to conduct their businesses without regard to the interests and welfare of you and other Americans.

So, having given you this announcement, I expect to have you drop in on my attorney general candidacy website -- -- and help to bring about the needed changes, to meet the major threats to our American way of life, security, standard of living, and future of our country and children.

Carl E. Person, Candidate for New York State
Green Party Designation -- Attorney General